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Our Clients


Great referrals for SeeThrough Web is designers & design agencies. Very often they do design and branding, and they provide web services, but they don’t actually build the websites - they’ll provide us with designs, we’ll turn them into sites.

Companies with a marketing person/budget

These companies are great client for SeeThrough Web because they generally have an in-house marketing person, or small marketing team, who has goals, direction, and budget, but they don’t have the staff on hand to execute projects.

Small businesses

Often times one of the “pain points” for small businesses is keeping track of all the different accounts, usernames, passwords, etc. when they have a website.
For starters there is the domain name registrar, where the .com is registered, there is the hosting account, where there website lives. Then there might be a login to the website, where they can make changes, etc.
For clients who would like it, we can look after all of this for them.  For those that want it we have a single portal that they can log into where their information is stored, for others we keep it all documented and provide it any time they’d like.
A number of small businesses we work with have maintenance plans, under which we provide their hosting and domain name registrations, make sure their site is updated and secure, and also update the site for or with them - depending on the plan.