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Never forget your password again!

Posted on November 16


Tip of the month

Never forget your password again!

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Best way to publish images to WordPress and Pinterest simultaneously!

Posted on November 12

Social Media

With this solution you can post images to your WordPress website and Pinterest automatically, save time and keep your digital marketing presence...

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Get more visitors to your Business Website by adding Schema Tags

Posted on June 10

Social Media

What if there was something you could implement that can improve both your rankings in search engine results, and your click through rates (CTR)?

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Is your Social Media Spamming Your Customer Away?

Posted on June 02

Social Media

Spam comes in many different flavours. What is the right recipe to create an effective social media campaign and keep customers engaged with your...

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Your Social Media Tools Stopped Working On Your Website. What Happened?

Posted on May 19

Website Maintenance

Social media integrations you rely on to impress visitors and track conversions on your website can stop working. Why does it happen and how can you...

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Speeding Up Your Website for Success

Posted on May 05

Website Development

A slow website might be undermining the success of your whole digital marketing plan. This is why speeding up your website will set you for success.

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Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting - Which Fits Your Business?

Posted on April 28

Web Hosting

Shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting both offer their own advantages, learn what they are and if they are right for business.

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Is your website AODA compliant?

Posted on April 20

Website Features

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act will require websites to provide alternatives for people with disabilities to access online...

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Accelerated mobile pages: Engage your website users and visitors faster

Posted on April 14

Website Features

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the new way to instantly deliver content to users on mobile devices. How can they affect your SEO and digital marketing...

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TYPO3: A User's Perspective

Posted on April 07


From simple content editing, file management and user access controls, here's why I think TYPO3 is the best CMS from an editor's perspective.

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