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New clients are looking online for businesses like yours. Can they find you?

Before a customized SEO strategy can be devised, a website SEO audit will give you the information you need to optimize your website so that it can be more easily read by the search engines, making it easier for clients to find you.

This audit will tell you:

  • what search engine problems appear on your website,
  • exactly which pages have them,
  • how to fix them.

Correcting these issues will put your website in a better position to be found by new clients looking for your business.

The purpose of Audits is to analyze both the external factors your company industry is in and the website's technical conditions, and after that create a strategy to better promote your business.

At SeeThrough Web, we provide the audit service to help our client to take steps in the right direction. The importance of SEO audit has increased even more in the recent time because search engine best practices keep changing frequently these days. That's why we like to call it "Site Health Review". Our team of experts will provide you exactly what your website has been missing so far. Call us now and start your journey to achieve your desired SEO performance.

More about SeeThrough Web

SeeThrough Web (STW) started as a web design company in Toronto in 2001 and has since grown to include website design; web site development; digital marketing including search engine optimization and social media marketing; website hosting; and related services designed to enhance a businesses exposure online, ultimately contributing to its bottom line.

Our team includes website design, digital marketing, and technology professionals who are based out of our web agency office in Toronto and are focussed on constantly improving the way we can help our clients achieve greater success through the web, be that from new leads, online sales, or even just delivering their message.

Website SEO Audit

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