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TYPO3 Editor's Guide

This guide presents directions for editing a website created in TYPO3 according to the standards in used at SeeThrough Web since June of 2010.

This user guide will get editors up and running at maintaining their TYPO3 website. Click here to download the TYPO3 6.2 LTS Editor's Guide (PDF).

If your site has been created in an older version of TYPO3 the core concepts should be the same, however there may be differences between how things are done on your site versus how they are done in this guide.

TYPO3 Video Tutorials

TYPO3 training videos specific to your website for initial training or long-term reference can be created and delivered through YouTube, through private videos on your own website, or even by dvd.

Below is a playlist of some of the videos we've created for other clients or for demonstration purposes.

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